Durwesh , King Fuel

Multi-store owners are most likely to leverage technology to their advantage. Classic example is King Fuels. They manage loss prevention by centralizing monitoring using SierraLP. This lowers the cost of monitoring and reduces their losses in a systematic way.

Amin , Smiley

Losing money because of employee theft could be very expensive but using Sierra LP to stop that loss could be much cheaper. This was clearly understood by our customers that is why they signed up for Sierra LP

Surjit , Singh Mart

People buy insurance to minimize losses. How can you minimize losses due to employee theft? Singh Mart is leveraging Sierra LP to minimize these losses.

Amin , Fuel Maxx

Sierra LP is proud to serve Fuel Maxx. Spend 15 minutes a day to make sure there is no theft at your cash register. Get a piece of mind and cut your losses.

Awais , Country Food Mart

Sierra Loss Prevention is excited to serve Country Food Mart. Thanks Mr. Awais Malik for the opportunity to serve multiple locations.

Rafiq, Best Stop

Our system with AI tech will help reduce the losses and improve the bottom line. Spend 15 minutes a day and get a wealth of information about your employees and customers.

Mohsin , Elan

Owner can see multiple stores using a single user id. You login once and see what’s going on with all your stores. Just spend 20 minutes a day per store and save thousands of dollars by preventing theft at your register. Multi-store owners use this technique to manage their growing business.

Mujahid , Fuel Depot

Testimony for auditing services - For multi-store owners it is difficult to monitor all stores 24x7 particularly when we are growing rapidly. Therefore, we have hired SierraLP to audit our stores by their dedicated professionals. They provide reports on a regular basis and proactively alert us of any suspicious activity. We can grow and expand our business and focus on opening new locations.